Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 3: Monterey Bay Aquarium

This morning we had a pretty quick start to head out to the aquarium considering some hooligans occupying the room next door tried to keep us up all night with their partying (don't worry we were really loud this morning and I am have 'accidentally' hit the adjoining wall a few times while in the shower).
We did the smart thing and bought tickets online last night so we wouldn't have to wait in line to get in (an possibly miss the otter feeding show). This proved to be a wise decision. We spent the better part of the morning exploring the sea from the comfort of the museum. It is understandable why so many people rave about it as it is really a well put together museum for all. I think for the us the jellyfish exhibits were the highlight... although the otters were a close, close second.
We quickly breezed by the touristy Cannery Row on our way back to the hotel for lunch.
If you're into the touristy trinkets, t-shirts, and restaurants then it's a one stop shop. We stopped at our local little Trader Joe's to pick up some picnic-y kind of stuff for lunch which we ate on the deck/fire pit area of our hotel.
The day isn't over yet and we are heading out to Carmel or somewhere close to it to try to find a spot for some good sunset photographs.
To be continued.....

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