Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is that a radio in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Our afternoon/evening in Point Lobos State Park was the highlight of the State Parks here in California. There were multiple trails that led us hiking through a tree covered path, another over looking the west coast from sharp jagged cliffs, and our final trail leaving us at sunset down at water level hopping from rock to rock about 50 ft from sunbathing sea lions. The views were made complete by the sounds of asian elevator music singing softly from inside the thick layers of a stranger's down jacket. You heard me, a lady with a radio in her jacket, playing traditional chinese music took our picture as the sun was dancing quietly to its nighttime position. "Make love! Be love!" she directed over her boombox, trying to get us in the perfect sunset pose. A more perfect evening could not have been planned.
Tuesday, we grabbed some food at Whole Foods (thank god for a deli that serves gluten free and vegetarian sandwiches). and headed down to Big Sur for a day of hiking through the state parks and a picnic. While we were able to enjoy the gorgeous beach views of Julia Pfeiffer State Park, we were disappointed to find the other parks closed or limited due to the recent storms and fires. Even though we did not squeeze in quite as much hiking as we would have liked, the drive down CA-1 was definitely worth the trip (even with the car sickness factored in). One thing is for sure, the west coast is absolutely breathtaking!!

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