Monday, March 30, 2009

Trader Joe

I don't know how Joe became a trader but thank goodness he did. It's amazing the things he does. Seriously as Floridians, we don't realize what we are missing. As a wine merchant Trader Joe's scares me a bit not only because they have a decent selection of wines and beers, but at prices that seem impossible. Yes there are a lot of exclusive labels that only they sell... but you have a pretty easy time figuring out who really made the wine and can't believe they are selling it for $4.99 or less. As a foodie you realize they carry just enough of what you need on a day to day basis without having to have all the hard to get, oddball stuff. As it turns out Trader Joe's is actually coming to Florida in the next year or two which is exciting in some ways. I think they can easily sweep many of the Whole Foods and Publix crowd, especially in times like these where money is tight and everyone is after saving the extra buck or two. I am just amazed at how truly efficient they are as a company, even with the amount of waste they produce as the cost of doing business.

I picked up a couple bottles of wine and beer (yes I'm trying some 2 buck chuck) to experiment with. The wine isnt bad and $1.99 is really hard to beat. Now you all know what you are getting for gifts when we get back.


Teeny said...

Glad to hear you guys are having such a great time!

Maybe it's just the Trader Joe's right next to us (it's the only one I've been in) but after hearing so many great things about them I was sorely disappointed. That could be in part because they don't sell beer and wine at that one due to MD state liquor laws. Boo.

CDM said...

Those darn MD liquor laws. I guess that is most of the TJ goodness. I hear however they are coming to Fla. 2 buck chuck is actually pretty decent.