Sunday, June 22, 2008

6/20 Hadrian's Wall and Pitlochery

We said farewell to our beautiful farmhouse and headed towards Scotland. We became very familiar with the town of Hexham in our quest to find Hadrian's Wall, or whats left of it, and Chester's Fort. We were not impressed by the work of Chester and continued on our journey to Pitlochery. We were lucky enough to book a place through the tourist information center which was a struggle due to the Agriculture Convention. On day 8 of flying by the seat of our pants and still smooth sailing. Our B&B, Strathgarry, was a very "posh" room located above a small cafe, which was made even cooler when we realized the name of our room was "Sheeps Dip"(that one's for you, Tom M). We wandered the town and then settled into a local pub where we enjoyed drinks, Croatia v. Turkey game, and live music. You couldn't understand a word out of the Scot's mouth, until he started singing a pretty impressive rendition of everything American (Green Day, Leonard Skynard, etc). Nothing says Scotland like the sweet sounds of Sweet Home Alabama.

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m said...

Um just to keep you on an update about music culture, Oasis is British. Just in case you are interested.