Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 5: York

Gas shortages throughout London made us a little nervous as we made our trek from Suffolk to York, but we filled up when we hit 1/2 a tank and are hoping for the best for the rest of the trip.

We got to York around noon, checked into our B&B, and cruised through the busy downtown streets. York is a beautiful town with plenty of shops filling the historic buildings. We went on a guided walk around the town and over the city walls to get a bit of York's history, but approaching hour 2 decided to bail out a little early. Originally we had discussed spending 2 days here, but not wanting to spend 2 days of museums and abbeys we think an afternoon is really enough. We are mapping out our journey now for the Lake District.

Bed and Breakfast: Abbingdon
Meals: Sainsbury, small side street restaurant


Zeus said...

Did you guys book all your B&B before hand? Sounds like you have this trip planned to the minute. ;)
Could you elaborate on what you did to plan the trip?

m said...

Do some serious hiking in the Lake District. It is worth the views. That is probably one of my favorite areas of England.