Friday, June 13, 2008

'ello Gov'na

Today was a mediocre day, to say it nicely. The flight left an hour late (arriving an hour late). The flight itself was fine other than the lack of sleep. We moved through customs quickly, got our bags, tickets for the train, and some cash quickly. When we arrived at our B&B, we were lucky enough to find that our hosts were not home. We sat and waited 1/2 hour and then walked around the block for another 1/2 an hour in search of food or some entertainment. After an hour, I found a way to hide our luggage under some stairs on the property so we crossed our fingers, said a quick prayer that our stuff wouldn't get stolen, and took a chance as we ventured off to explore London.

Kew gardens was the big sightseeing trip of the day. Again, mediocre. We paid about $26US each to get in and it was a really nice large park. Every other botanical garden I've ever been to has been much more impressive. If you ever visit, skip Kew unless you have a deal on tickets. We stopped at a pub on the Thames and had a pint while getting lost consistently. Somehow with a map and directions we got lost in the same borough time after time. After almost 3 hours of aimless wondering we stopped at a pub 2 blocks away for our B&B, had dinner, and are now wrapping up the night. The 3 hour detour really killed the excitement we had of heading downtown. Not to mention Christina isn't a big fan of Britian's 'great' food, or should I say it is not a big fan of her. Come to think of it, I'm not getting along with it either. Its almost 7:30pm for us here being up for almost 2 days straight. We are heading to bed. We promise tomorrow will be a better and more eventful day. Nonetheless, we are still glad to be here and excited to start exploring tomorrow.

B&B: A Better Way To Stay (Very cute place, but the service was a little less than par)
Dinner: Queen's Head
Weather: PERFECT, sunny and about 60 degrees

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Z said...

I hope today was better than yesterday! did you do something special for your birthday?