Sunday, June 22, 2008

6/22 St. Andrews & Edinburgh

Hey guys and gals, sorry for being so late with the posts. As it turns out, just because the advert in the B&B booklet says internet available, does not mean they actually have access anywhere other than their local library.
This morning we were off for St. Andrews before we headed into Edinburgh. It's amazing how the weather can change in a matter of 15 minutes. We were walking around the grounds with some menacing clouds looming overhead. Once it began to drop a bit of rain we decided to head to the gift shop to let it pass. By the time we got halfway through the little shop of junk, I mean souvenirs, the sun had come back out and there was no sight of rain.
Don't fret though, we picked the rain back up while enroute to Edinburgh and while in the city. We found our B&B without much incident. Each day we are within about 50 yards of where we are staying and have to do just a bit of searching. We decided to hoof it (walk) into the city and check out what we wanted to do tomorrow before our flight. We toured the castle at the price of about $24 a piece US.... just for the castle. I thought it was worth the entrance fee 15 years ago when I went but not this time. Christina was in search of the coffee shop that the Harry Potter author wrote from which was just down the street. From there it was off to Calton Hill (quite a hike) to snap some pictures of the town below. Tomorrow we will climb the opposite side (Arthur's Seat) which is an extinct volcano.
On the way back to the room we wanted to stop at a local pub with wireless access (which is where I am writing you now) and got completely dumped on by rain on the way. We are sitting here soaked head to toe even with rain jackets on.... but at least I have a good beer and the Spain v. Italy game.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. We didn't upload them from the camera to the computer before we left the room so they will have to come tomorrow. Tomorrow is our last real day, hopefully we can get one more post and some pictures in before we fly back.

Things to note:
Virgin Atlantic Airlines rocks even in economy!!!!
Zeus et al - we only booked our first nights in London and tomorrow night near Gatwick. The rest of the time we have completely winged it usually the day of. We got a little nervous when we hear about the agric. festival but it all worked out ok. We are early enough in the season that there is still plenty of room somewhere.
Tourist info centers really are good at picking out great places. We got better B&B's through them than doing 3 months worth of research on my own. Go figure.

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